What you always wanted to ask Micro Art Studio

| 18. December 2012

In case you have been living under a rock for the past years: Microartstudio is arguably the biggest kid on the block when it comes to custom miniature design. Microartstudio was one of the first companies to understand that miniature-wargamers love nicely painted and custom-built armies, but most often do neither possess the time nor the skill to come up with high-class scratchbuilds and base designs. Thus, they started to provide us with pre-made bases and a lot of other interesting conversion bits.

Since then, Microartstudio has developed into a full-scale tabletop-company that is producing terrain, miniatures, bases, gaming utilities, accessories…you name it. Also, they offer a professional painting service which makes your armies look like so in case you can spare the money (you can see a nice example of the quality of artists involved at MAS in this article about the Adeptus Mechanicus Army by Hortwerth):


Now, Microartstudio has been around for quite some time and has also overcome some difficult situations in the past. The guys over there in Poland have a story to tell when it comes to setting up a “grassroot” miniature production from scratch. Most of them are avid gamers like us but since then have evolved into entrepreneurs that have started to make a living out of their hobby.

Lucky us, Microartstudio has agreed to give the readers of 40kings an exclusive “behind the scenes” tour through their company. But not only will we be able to peek behind the curtain and get a glimse of life as a professional nerd. We will also be able to forward a number of questions to Microartstudio about their business, their product lines, their plans for the future or whatever you guys can come up with. (Disclaimer: answering  is not mandatory for MAS, no formal agreement could be reached on that part…)

So, post your questions to Microarstudio in the comments below and ask about anything that comes to mind when thinking about the independent miniature business. For example, I for one would like to know about their relationship to Games Workshop and the ever daunting legal issues that may arise when producing stuff that is close to copyrighted material. Chapterhouse has experienced the wrath of GW the hard way. Did MAS ever? Is there any official contact to GW whatsoever?

Shoot away.


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  1. unruler says:

    How do you decide which miniatures are designed and produced? Is there any long term business plan involving miniatures that would likely sell well or do you just design whatever comes into your mind and produce it if it looks nice?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    How does MAS get along with all the other Polish miniature companies? Rivalry or comradery? I mean, there have been almost no independent companies five years ago, now the market is swamped..

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  3. Simon says:

    Is Microarts considering to hire artists to paint there stuff?

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  4. khoRneELF says:

    I’m just asking myself: Are painted bases of your company buyable for small hometown-dialers, if I order them there?

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  5. finnish says:

    If I do sculpts myself, will Microart consider buying the greens from me if they are good or do they only use their own stuff?

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  6. biatch says:

    What i always wanted to know is whether microart is actually making money and for how many employees the revenue is sufficient. Too, i wonder why microart is not making models for 40k that Gw still lacks like zombiecultists or ymgarl genestealers?

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Der Trygon sieht super aus!
    Schon krass was die aus simplen Plastikbausätzen so rausholen können!

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    • Athenys says:

      Das ist die alte Forgeworld Trygone- die sieht halt auch einfach besser aus, als die von GW

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